A little bit ago in this article I talked about being able to convert XML to JSON(P). I finally got around to making a page which shows upcoming movie trailers and information. First, I have to admit that the data is coming from both Apple and YouTube. You can check my trailers page by clicking here. One cool thing you’ll notice is that your given all of the summary data you may want to know about the upcoming movies (these are the same ones found on trailers.apple.com). It also provides a way to search and show any of the YouTube trailers without having to leave the page. The main link for each movie actually opens an IFRAME to the corresponding page on trailers.apple.com.

Even though having the trailers page worked out nicely I still wanted to trailers displayable on the GoToChrisWest.com home page. If you visit the page now you will see that they are available, but the following JSBin shows how this code actually works:

Feel free to check out http://gotochriswest.com/trailers/index.js as well to see how i’m actually pulling the movie data in from Apple. šŸ˜Ž

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