Today I was looking for a way to easily pull in RSS feed data from Apple Trailers onto my site via AJAX. At first I was thinking about using jQuery to do it but then I got thinking about how cool it would be to have a PHP script that transforms any XML file into JSON. Thus, the following PHP script was written:

$json = json_encode(simplexml_load_string(file_get_contents($_GET['url'])));
if(isset($_GET['jsonp'])) {
  $json = "{$_GET['jsonp']}($json);";
echo $json;

Pretty cool, right?! The above five lines can be used to make a proxy which can convert XML to JSON or even JSONP. Let’s say I had this script at With such a script in place one could simply pull the JSON version of the Apple Trailers RSS feed from The JSONP equivalent (using loadTrailers as the callback function) would be Believe it or not, it is really that easy!!! 😎

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Pinix · July 20, 2014 at 9:42 PM

You got my attention by mencioning apple trailers.
I’ve been looking at your code alot.

I’m more of a designer myself and i’m trying to get the APPLE TRAILERS JSON via AJAX width JQuery and no luck so far 🙁

Could you help me with your amazing skills? 🙂 just a little script? maybe some simple php?

Thanks for sharing

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