I dont pretend to be a network analyst or administrator by profession, but I have had to setup in-home Linksys routers and one issue that I have had to overcome with each one is troubleshooting to determine the internet speed issues caused by the routers. If you just happened to by a new Linksys (CISCO) router for your small home network and are experiencing speed issues, try the following five quick steps:

  1. Do a internet speed test such as this one.
  2. Go to your router’s web-based setup page by entering the address for the router.
    • Unless changed manually, it is usually found at
    • Unless changed manually or indicated in the instruction manual, there is no username and the password is admin. If that doesn’t work, depending on the software used to setup the router, the username can be the SSID and the password the network key.
  3. Select Applications & Games > QoS.
  4. Look for the option that deals with WMM. If it is enabled, disable it and save the settings.
  5. Once the settings have been saved (this usually causes the router to reboot which can take up to about 90 seconds) you can try the same speed test from step one to see if the changed improved the internet connection speed.
    1. Hopefully this was all you needed to do to solve your issue. Just as a note, I have read on many forums that this issue is very prominent for Comcast users so if they are your ISP, it doesn’t hurt to at least try. If it doesn’t work, you can always easily undo the change.

      Another important thing to note is that if you want to improve the quality of your internet connection for gaming or something similar, you may need to do more research because disabling WMM may actually interfere with your gaming consoles connection speed.

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