Something that I need to use every once in a while is addEventListener, but unfortunately I can’t depend on its existence in all browsers. For this reason I decided to write the following cross-browser solution for providing a function that adds an event handler:

 * Cross-browser function to add an event listener.
 * @param {!HTMLElement} elem  The DOM element to attach event to.
 * @param {string} eventName  The name of the event.
 * @param {!Function} fnHandler  The function to server as one of the specified
 *     event handlers.
 * @return {Function}  Returns the function that was added as an event handler.
var addEvent = function(elem, eventName, fnHandler) {
  var fnToBind = function(e) {
    return, e || window.event);
  // Add the event the W3C way.
  if (elem.addEventListener) {
    elem.addEventListener(eventName, fnToBind, false);
    return fnToBind;
  eventName = 'on' + eventName;
  // Add the event the Microsoft way.
  if (elem.attachEvent) {
    return elem.attachEvent(eventName, fnToBind) ? fnToBind : null;
  // Assign the handler directly to the object's event handler property.
  if(typeof elem[eventName] == 'function') {
    // Add the event by creating a function which will run both the current
    // handler and this new one.
    var f1 = elem[eventName], f2 = fnToBind;
    fnToBind = function() {
      var ret1, ret2;

      try { ret1 = f1.apply(this, arguments); }
      catch (e1) { setTimeout(function() { throw e1; }, 0); }

      try { ret2 = f2.apply(this, arguments); }
      catch (e2) { setTimeout(function() { throw e2; }, 0); }

      // If the previous handler returned a non-undefined value, return it,
      // otherwise return the value returned from the new handler.
      return ret1 === undefined ? ret2 : ret1;
  elem[eventName] = fnToBind;
  return fnToBind;

One thing to note is that this function will wrap your function in order to allow for the event object to always be passed as the first argument regardless of the browser. Enjoy! 8)

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