One DOM element property that has been provided in Internet Explorer that isn’t natively available in some other browsers is outerHTML. Fortunately there is a cross-browser solution for getting this property:

(function() {
   * Gets the HTML of the specified element including that
   * of the element itself.
   * @param {!Element}
   *     The element whose outer HTML will be returned.
   * @return {string}
   *     The HTML code of the specified element.
  getOuterHTML = function(elem) {
    if('outerHTML' in elem) {
      return elem.outerHTML;
    else {
      var ownerDoc = elem.nodeType != 9
          ? elem.ownerDocument || elem.document
          : elem;
      var div = ownerDoc.createElement('div');
      return div.innerHTML;

I actually can’t take the credit for this function because it is derived from Google’s Closure Library. The function can be used as follows:

// Display HTML for entire HTML document.

If you are one of those people that needs to use this property in all browsers, I hope this code will help you. 8)

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