One thing that most JavaScript writers do now, which is a good practice, is they create namespaces for their functions and variables. The following is a definition for a function that can be used to easily create namespaces of any depth:

namespace = (function(global) {
  return function() {
    for(var ns, obj, arr, j, i = 0; arr = arguments[i++];) {
      for(obj = global, arr = arr.split("."), j = 0; ns = arr[j++]; obj = obj[ns]) {
        if(obj[ns] == null) {
          obj[ns] = {};

I have to admit, this idea is not originally mine (it came from here), but the code is. The following is an example use of this handy function:

namespace("jPaq.Event", "jPaq.Color");

Who knows, this simple, yet powerful function may appear in the next version of jPaq! 8)

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