This is the answer to last week’s Problem of the Week:

  1. Fill the 5.2 gallon bottle.
  2. Poor 4 gallons from the 5.2 bottle into to 4 gallon bottle, leaving 1.2 gallons in the 5.2 gallon bottle.
  3. Empty the 4 gallon bottle.
  4. Poor the remaining 1.2 gallons into the 4 gallon bottle.
  5. Fill the 5.2 gallon bottle.
  6. Poor 2.8 gallons from the 5.2 gallon bottle into the 4 gallon bottle, leaving 2.4 gallons in the the 5.2 gallon bottle.
  7. Put the 5.2 gallon bottle on the scale to diffuse the bomb.

As you may remember, a similar problem to this was in the movie Die Hard 3.

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POW – Disarm A Bomb with Water | Chris West's Blog · March 16, 2012 at 4:24 PM

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