Have you ever wondered why so many people hate Microsoft? For instance, people are always talking badly about the workarounds that you have to do in order to make things work in Internet Explorer. For me, when first starting developing web pages, all I knew was IE, therefore I felt like I had to adjust my code to make it work on all of the other browsers. 😀 Now that I have been doing this for years and see both sides, I definitely agree with those who are not IE fans.

Recently, I was perusing the MSDN forums and came across an interesting topic about a limit that exists for function length with Internet Explorer, but not in other browsers. Interestingly enough, there are probably some users out there that have Internet Explorer 7 with a JScript engine which throws a syntax error for functions that have more than 32767 instructions. Of course, this is a problem that is unique to IE7 users who don’t have a specific patch installed. Still this type of bug is incredibly bad because most web developers don’t have a clue that this error exists and could be encountered by certain users. In this case, it is very unlikely that you will have a function that has that many instructions, but if it does, some users will not see the results that the vast majority do. All I have to say is, “way to go Microsoft!”

Click here if you want more information about this strange error.

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vin check · August 10, 2011 at 3:05 PM

Really interesting! 🙂

But I don’t understand, why microsoft update this creepy IE! We was thinking that they may be call a great change in IE9, but creepy is always creepy!

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