About Me

Job Experience

  1. JavaScript Engineer at Monetate (December 2012 – Present)
  2. Developer/DBA at UniTek Global Services (December 2010 – December 2012)
    • Responsibilities
      1. Custom Reporting Engine Development
      2. Custom CMS Development
      3. Database Administration
    • Technologies
      • JasperReports Library (Java)
      • PostgreSQL
      • Symfony (PHP)
  3. Data Analyst II at Bristol-Myers Squibb (January 2009 – December 2010)
  4. Data Analyst Intern at Bristol-Myers Squibb (May 2007 – December 2008)


I am a JavaScript enthusiast who almost always thinks of how to solve the problem with JavaScript before going to other languages. I am the developer of the new customizable JavaScript/JScript library, jPaq.  I am not currently looking for work, but I do enjoy writing JavaScript code on the side.

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12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. While using your powerful js file to a series of .xls file in a folder, I find extra coomas after the valid data column. However, while it working with single xls file it is OK.

    Could you please check it

  2. Hey Chris. I just took a JavaScript class and I am a newbie to the world of JS. I would like, if possible have a chat or talk with you, possibly take some one one sessions depending on your availability. There are some cool things I would like to do with JS. Need help. Thanks

  3. Been struggling with SAS to convert hundreds of xls flies to csv, and happened across your web site – awesome little program – thanks

  4. Chris, great blog. But you are forgetting the one important thing: the txcomplete.html file. This file is way more advanced then java script and internet explorer combined. If you would have taken the intro to c plus plus course, you would have known. I have availability thursdays to train you. Hope this helps.


  5. Greetings,

    I had over 365 .xls files I had to process and your application saved my having to repetitiously open/close/select/copy/make a mistake/curse the day I was born/etc.

    I think you deserve an 18 foot bronze statue in your honour in the town square. Nothing less will do.

  6. Chris, I am really delighted by your XLS-to-TSV conversion HTA, thanks a bunch. First, it just worked out of the box on these really restricted machines I am forced to work on (eg., no .exe file may be executed – but .hta is fine!). And second, it did just what I needed and saved me a lot of time.
    I would like to write an HTA of my own, for doing batch processes with Windows apps, eg. by using Acrobat’s JavaScript API. Could you recommend some HTA+JS documentation, or maybe some advanced tutorial? There are tons of easy starter tutorials, but I find it hard to get proper information on how to control programs that are commonly only used via the GUI.

  7. Hello Chris,
    I really love your work of Chrome Whitepages Scraper. I was working fine before. But recently after some changes in White Pages website (www.whitepages.com), I am not getting any results.
    Please help me out. Yours chrome extension is the best one I ever used for scraping. Please reply.
    Thanks and regards

  8. Wow, there are a lot of useful things. Can I ask? I hope to get all JavaScript core source code, for example, string.prototype.replace. Do you know how to get it? sorry for asking here.

  9. Chris,

    I am having trouble with the Watchtower Library App Starter not starting the App. I get this message “Unfortunately WTLibrary couldn’t be found. Please make sure it is installed using Wine before trying again.”

    I have installed per directions and not sure what is not working.


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