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Installing Watchtower Library on Mac with Wine

Instead of always switching to your PC or using a VM just to use the Watchtower Library you can use Wine. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to the WineBottler home page and download WineBottler (which comes with Wine).
  2. Open the image file (the DMG file that you downloaded) and drag-and-drop both Wine and WineBottler into the Applications directory.
  3. Insert the Watchtower Library DVD.
  4. Open the Wine application from the Applications menu.
  5. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select the Wine icon (Wine.app Icon) to pull down the menu and then select the File Manager. This will setup your prefix which is a fancy way of saying the file structure for your mini virtual machine. Once done, click OK to see the File Manager.

  6. In the Wine File Manager you will need to click on the / (Root Directory Button) button to open a panel for accessing your local file system.
  7. Go into the Volumes directory and then into the directory with the name of your Watchtower Library DVD (eg. WTLIB15S).
    Wine File Manager
  8. Double-click the Setup.exe file.
  9. Click through the steps to install the Watchtower Library in the default location (normally C:\Program Files\Watchtower).
  10. Once the install is complete, download this ZIP file.
  11. Double-click the downloaded ZIP file to extract the contained Watchtower Library app starter.
  12. Drag-and-drop the extracted Watchtower Library app into the Applications directory.
  13. Open this Watchtower Library app which is designed to work with the Watchtower Library program that you installed using Wine.
    Start Screen

Hopefully you will now be able to use the Watchtower Library with ease on your Mac. If you have an issue while trying to execute one or more of these steps please let me know. Have fun! :cool: