HTML5 – Getting More Volume from the Web Audio API

Did you know that thanks to the Web Audio API it is possible to boost the volume up PAST 100% on <audio> tags & <video> tags? I wrote the following function to do just that:

The above JavaScript function gives us the ability to amplify (or boost) the volume of a media element well above the normal maximum of 100%. By simply specifying a reference to the element and a multiplier for the volume we can increase or decrease the maximum volume of audio and video tags. Here is an example page’s code using the function:


The above function takes two parameters:

  1. mediaElem
    Either an <audio> tag or a <video> tag for which the volume will be amplified or boosted.
  2. multiplier
    A number which will basically represent by how much the volume will be multiplied. Passing in 1 will simply keep the volume at a normal level. Passing in a number greater than 1 will make the volume be greater than normal and passing in a number less than 1 will make the volume be less than normal.


The function will return an object containing all of the following:

  • context
    An instance of AudioContext which was used to change the media’s volume.
  • source
    A media source created from the AudioContext instance and the mediaElem. This may be useful if you desire to do more with the web audio API regarding this media. NOTE: Only one source node can be created from an element.
  • gain
    A media gain created from the AudioContext instance and the mediaElem. This may be useful if you desire to do more with the web audio API regarding this media.
  • media
    A reference to the mediaElem passed into the function.
  • amplify
    A function which accepts one parameter indicating a new multiplier (amplification level).
  • getAmpLevel
    A function which returns the multiplier (amplification level).

Final Notes

You can only execute this function on any given media element once. Any subsequent attempts will throw an error due to the fact that only one source node can correspond to a media element.

Feel free to use the code and modify the code as you please. I originally got the idea for this code from the following two pages:

Happy coding! 😎

Parse Bible from Watchtower Online Library In JS Console

The following is a function that I wrote to parse the Bible found on the Watchtower Online Library:

Aftering copying and pasting the above code into the JS console while visiting any page within the Watchtower Online Library, you can run the following code to actually parse the entire Bible:

Of course, due to the amount of chapters in the Bible, this process will take a few minutes so DO NOT LEAVE the Watchtower Online Library until an alert appears indicating the parsing has completed. This code is literally using your browser to navigate to each Bible chapter. Once done, an alert will appear on the page. I personally ran this code in Google Chrome. If this code doesn’t work for you, you may have to modify it especially if some time has passed since August 8th, 2017 (the time when I published this code).