About Me

Job Experience

  1. JavaScript Engineer at Monetate (December 2012 – February 2015)
  2. Developer/DBA at UniTek Global Services (December 2010 – December 2012)
    • Responsibilities
      1. Custom Reporting Engine Development
      2. Custom CMS Development
      3. Database Administration
    • Technologies
      • JasperReports Library (Java)
      • PostgreSQL
      • Symfony (PHP)
  3. Data Analyst II at Bristol-Myers Squibb (January 2009 – December 2010)
  4. Data Analyst Intern at Bristol-Myers Squibb (May 2007 – December 2008)


I am a JavaScript enthusiast who almost always thinks of how to solve the problem with JavaScript before going to other languages. I am the developer of the customizable JavaScript utility library, YourJS.

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15 Replies to “About Me”

  1. While using your powerful js file to a series of .xls file in a folder, I find extra coomas after the valid data column. However, while it working with single xls file it is OK.

    Could you please check it

  2. Hey Chris. I just took a JavaScript class and I am a newbie to the world of JS. I would like, if possible have a chat or talk with you, possibly take some one one sessions depending on your availability. There are some cool things I would like to do with JS. Need help. Thanks

  3. Been struggling with SAS to convert hundreds of xls flies to csv, and happened across your web site – awesome little program – thanks

  4. Chris, great blog. But you are forgetting the one important thing: the txcomplete.html file. This file is way more advanced then java script and internet explorer combined. If you would have taken the intro to c plus plus course, you would have known. I have availability thursdays to train you. Hope this helps.


  5. Greetings,

    I had over 365 .xls files I had to process and your application saved my having to repetitiously open/close/select/copy/make a mistake/curse the day I was born/etc.

    I think you deserve an 18 foot bronze statue in your honour in the town square. Nothing less will do.

  6. Chris, I am really delighted by your XLS-to-TSV conversion HTA, thanks a bunch. First, it just worked out of the box on these really restricted machines I am forced to work on (eg., no .exe file may be executed – but .hta is fine!). And second, it did just what I needed and saved me a lot of time.
    I would like to write an HTA of my own, for doing batch processes with Windows apps, eg. by using Acrobat’s JavaScript API. Could you recommend some HTA+JS documentation, or maybe some advanced tutorial? There are tons of easy starter tutorials, but I find it hard to get proper information on how to control programs that are commonly only used via the GUI.

  7. Hello Chris,
    I really love your work of Chrome Whitepages Scraper. I was working fine before. But recently after some changes in White Pages website (www.whitepages.com), I am not getting any results.
    Please help me out. Yours chrome extension is the best one I ever used for scraping. Please reply.
    Thanks and regards

  8. Wow, there are a lot of useful things. Can I ask? I hope to get all JavaScript core source code, for example, string.prototype.replace. Do you know how to get it? sorry for asking here.

  9. Chris,

    I am having trouble with the Watchtower Library App Starter not starting the App. I get this message “Unfortunately WTLibrary couldn’t be found. Please make sure it is installed using Wine before trying again.”

    I have installed per directions and not sure what is not working.


  10. Hi Chris,

    nice blog! How good is your 3D Math? Quaternions & Co.? I am working on some open-source WebVR ideas… are you familiar with ThreeJS and A-Frame (aframe.io)?

  11. Having a problem with my Watchtower Library. It is on my Mac but it won’t update. It hangs on 90%. I’ve done the 2015 then erased that and did the 2016 thinking it would be better. Still nothing no update. It just hangs there at 90% update. If there is a work around I would love to hear it. Thank you for your advice.


  12. Chris, I just got WT 2016 working on my mac. I am so grateful for your help. It was wonderful to do family worship tonight with the most up to date information at my fingertips. When the WT Lib tries to update it gets to 90% and stops. And I don’t know how to do the manual update. Do you have any sugestions on what may be stopping the Update to continue. Or what I need to do for the manual update?

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