POW – True & False

This Problem of the Week is a logic problem. It is based off of a famous puzzle which is world renowned. As usual, the answer to this question will not be revealed until Sunday at 12:00 AM EST. The answer can be found here.

Problem of the Week

You are a contestant on a game show. You have a choice of asking a question to one of two androids: android A and android B. One of these androids always responds truthfully while the other always responds falsely. Although both androids understand all human languages, they will only respond to a question in their own language. The following are two words in their language:

  • da
  • su

One of those words means yes while the other means no.  In order to make it easier for you, they will only answer a yes or no question. Since you don’t know which word is which or which android is which, what one question could you ask to one of the androids to determine the identity of both of them?

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